ENA urges for multiple solutions to decarbonise heat

Responding to the National Infrastructure Commission’s Second National Infrastructure Assessment, the Energy Networks Association (ENA) has stressed the UK needs to continue working from the basis “no one solution is suitable for all circumstances”.

The Commission, in its report, had stressed that the government should rule out hydrogen for heating entirely and instead prioritise it for power generation and industrial decarbonisation. However, in response, the ENA reiterated the need for a balanced approach to be taken when it comes to decarbonising heat. CEO, Lawrence Slade, said: “It’s clear network operators will need to employ multiple solutions to decarbonise heat, from electrification to hydrogen and other forms of heat provision, offer consumers real choice in how they heat their homes and ensure the UK can sustainably heat residences and run businesses over the coming years.”

Slade acknowledged that while electrification is going to play a huge role in decarbonising heat, current scenarios still see a role for gas and any plan must consider how to sustainably and economically replace the amount of energy for heat that the UK requires. On the costs of decommissioning – something the Commission’s report also looked at – Slade said: “Gas Networks are already doing huge amounts to repurpose networks and deliver for customers, though investors still need long term certainty to provide future stability and energy security for customers.”